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Responsibility and Management

Justin Jones

October 29, 2017



Responsibility and Management

    When its comes to time management I don’t have any weaknesses except for physically not managing my time. What is meant by this is that I don’t make planners or have a physical copy of me managing my time. All my planning happens in my mind or is done by looking at my schedule. There is one other weakness that I have when it comes to time management and that is actually following through we some things. With this comes a strength that I developed which is adjusting. Sometimes something may come up and I may have adjust what I need to do because something more urgent and important may come up. My teacher has always told me to follow in this order and I found it very helpful. What you want to focus on first is urgent and important stuff the important stuff and lastly urgent stuff. Even if it’s urgent it may be not as important making the important stuff better to do.

When it comes to responsibility I have a strong sense on what to do, but I may not hold myself to it. This is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to responsibility. This only happens when it comes to studying on the most part. I would know I need to study, but I wouldn’t and if I were to do bad on a quiz for studying late I don’t blame myself when I know its my fault. My strengths that I have when we it comes to responsibility is that I do what I need to do in every other topic. My problem basically is that I don’t accept that I am responsible when something happens educational wise. I may use setbacks I had as an excuse to say it’s not my fault. For example if I were doing bad in a class and I didn’t take it before in high school I would use that as a excuse of me not doing so well. I can easily change this and I have changed it so that I take responsibility when outcomes like this happen. Not only do I take responsibility I fix it so that it won’t happen again.


College Lessons

College Lessons

Mike G focused in on how we can be successful in college. Getting into that some of his pointers that he gave us were if you aren’t doing so well in a class maybe you should go visit office hours and tutoring sessions to help elevate yourself in that class. If this doesn’t work then you should be more concerned about whether or not this is the right major for you or should you really be taking this class. If something is too difficult for you to handle you shouldn’t hurt yourself or try to force yourself to be good at it. Doing so will only lead to you doing worse in college. This is why it may be best to drop the class so it won’t be on your transcript.

Mike G also told us it is best to schedule a meeting before you pick your classes. The reason why he said this is because it can help you decide what you want to do for next semester. Picking classes can be a hard decision which can lead to even more time wasted. When it comes to picking classes wasting time is the last thing that you would want to do. This is because you can lose the class that you actually may want because you took too long to register and there is no more seats available. So it is very smart to plan out with Mike G what you want your next semester to look like.

Mike G gave us plenty of advice on being a good student in college. This advice reached us all in a different way because everyone in the LLC is in different places in their academic life. Also this could have helped people see that just because they are in a LLC does not guarantee that they will do well in college. You may have extra support but you still got to put forth the effort. People may have seen the advisement center as only a place to pick classes or fixing schedule problems. After the meeting with Mike G I doubt people will say this now because the advisement center has other purposes as well. If you just needed someone to talk to or motivate you, you can get it there. The advisement center is like your guidance center its purpose is to guide you towards greatness in college.

Mike G’s talk had a big effect on me. Right now i’m not doing so well in one of my classes and based on what was said i’m not sure if I should continue with it.

I’m not ready to give up on the class yet because dropping this class would be like dropping my major. This class is something I need to be good at if I want to succeed in my major. Mike G did not bring on a new perspective, but gave me a reminder that is hard to take in. Its frightening for me to think about not being able to pursue my dreams. I do have a backup plan prepared which is taking on computer science because it’s very similar as engineering, but instead I’m using software instead of hardware. Even if I do change my major and take on computer science I still believe that I will late in life learn computer engineering, and slowly move my way into that field.

Ajin, Psycho Pass, Death Note

Ajin, Psycho Pass, and Death Note. All three of these shows share a lot in common. The three shows are all story based anime, which is mainly why I picked them for this blog. I’m a really huge fan of shows that dig deep and have a really good story. Story based anime can really catch the eye of people of all genres. If you’re a book reader, a person who watches reality shows, or anything that doesn’t even come close to anime, these are 3 anime that I would recommend.

These 3 shows all have villains, and only villains. There are no good guy when it comes to Ajin, Psycho Pass, and Death Note. Everyone in the story are just fighting for there own ideologies and beliefs. In Ajin the government is fighting to capture perform horrible experiments on Ajins, while the Ajins are fighting for equal rights, but their leader Sato is only doing so to get a laugh out of it. In Psycho Pass there is also a corrupt government that is trying to turn their country into a utopia with technology. While their enemy is trying to destroy this government, but is doing so by murdering and killing innocent people. In the show Death Note a notebook from the Shinigami world has fallen into the hands of the human Light Yagami. His goal is to create a more peaceful world, by wiping out all the criminals that corrupt it. The problem with this is that he is murdering people to do so. The government and police are trying to stop Light from doing so.